Business Systems Lab

Successfuly Building a Business

Got a dream business you’re building?

Getting it off the ground is tough, right?

I’m guessing it’s a LOT tougher than you thought it would be.

Just like many others you probably thought: “how hard can it be? Start with an idea, built it and cash in checks, right?”

Well, it actually should be tough. VERY tough. Why? Because most businesses fail.

Failing is the RULE.

Of course, all those business ideas gone horribly wrong are swept under the carpet, never to heard of.

Because … another business dropping dead just isn’t worth airing on the evening news.

Well, I take that back and say it differently …

… EVERY business fails miserably.

Yes, you read that right – EVERY business is a failure…

… except for a HANDFUL of success stories which are outnumbered by whole cities of zombies, eager to take a bite out of any “money opportunity” while defying the laws of business by refusing to die.

If you could actually “SEE” reality as it is (and not how the new, the Internet or society “colors” things), the endless “pandemic” of hopeful entrepreneurs turning into walking undead …

… would be unbearable to watch.

The stats – they’re pretty bad, even though there’s no way to measure those mindless walking corpses of once “exciting businesses, full of great ideas and passionate people!”.

Just imagine that! Just A HANDFUL. Out of MILLIONS OF ATTEMPTS. And every one of them collapsing as if a madman with an invisible gatling machine gun with unlimited bullets was mowing them down.

OCEANS of business DROPPING DEAD right before your eyes.

If you’d visualize that, you’d have what’s called a “realistic perspective”.

Because if you could see reality as it is … that’s what you’d see.

I know. It’s not pretty. Definately not the “everyone is successful except you” BS that we’re fed every day by commercials, news and famous celebrities, etc.

(If all those talking heads are so successful, why do they even bother showing their faces – let alone selling crap? I mean – how many people out there would go out, acting like clowns – if they were “truly successful”?).

And if you still think you’re going to “be the one to make it” …

… just so you know: that’s what every one of the millions of failures said.

(Or still says – if either they haven’t given up or they’ve given into delusion).

To “make it”, you have to be different in a way that helps you succeed. That may sound easy, but the truth is most people keep making the same mistakes BECAUSE they think they have some divine providence and a “winning lottery ticket”.

It’s likely that your idea of “being different” is almost identical to the ideas of the failures.

But the failures aren’t that well documented (not that many fresh enterpreneurs would bother to even find out if their thinking or approach is any different).

The hidden truth: getting a business running is a miracle.

It’s something to APPRECIATE, not to expect as something to “happen by itself” – or expecting someone to do for you.

Many businesses “seem” successful, but don’t count – because they’re really just “jobs” the owners created for themselves. (Case in point – without those owners working, everything would fall apart.)

So the question every entrepreneurs should ask first is …

… what IS a succesful business?

Here are some subconsious WRONG answers people have:

  • “living on the beach”
  • “a better paid job with flexible hours”
  • “lots of money”
  • “millions in the bank”
  • “fame”
  • “living like a celebrity”
  • “freedom to do what I want”
  • “financial freedom”
  • “traveling”
  • “delegating”
  • “outsourcing”
  • “time to pursue my passion”
  • “project management”
  • “having a wonderful product”
  • “having a big list and lots of traffic”
  • “having a great idea”
  • “having a great website”
  • “writing a bestseller”
  • “creating a site like Facebook or Twitter”

or even answers like:

  • “if I have a successful business, people will like and respect me”

(Yes, some answer don’t even make sense for the question – that’s VERY typical!)

All those answers are wrong – almost EVERY person pursuing any of those is doomed to KEEP ON FAILING until …

… until …

… they UNDERSTAND what a business is.

Because once you UNDERSTAND what a business is, you have a CHANCE of succeeding.

In fact, that’s why many “dumb” people have successful businesses – even if ALL they know is WHAT a business is (and they don’t have to even be able to articulate it) …

… that’s ENOUGH to move them in the right direction – towards building a business that TAKES CARE OF THEM (and not the other way around!).

While smart people who don’t know what a business is, stay smart. But “just” smart.

So what is a business?

Well, you can reduce it to a simple formula.

As it turns out, all you need to bring a dream business to life … is to match a simple formula.

The formula exposes many shortcuts most people miss, but of course having just the formula and shouting “Eureka!” won’t get you anywhere.

Just seeing this formula and understanding it takes away all the fog about “what to do next” or “will X work” or “why aren’t things working right now”.

This formula is something you WON’T find anywhere. Maybe if you read 20-30 of the right books, you may “work it out”, though most “business” books fail to get it correctly – if at all.

Why, because the formula contains an uncomfortable truth about life and business.

Very uncomfortable. Terrifying for most people.

So terrifying, people will refuse to believe the formula makes sense, because it can hurt.

It shows where money “comes from”. And why you can’t just ask someone to tell you how to get it.

It shows how most “overnight successes” are prepared for years until that “overnight success” – if not tens of years worth of unsightly business failures.

This formula show WHY most success happen only after MULTIPLE, MASSIVE FAILURES. Because that’s what it takes for business owners to admit the formula is correct and embrace it.

Yes, people struggle for MANY years to find a way “around” this formula, until the give up and change … themselves.

Which is why you’ll often hear how it’s about “becoming a better entrepreneur first” – but the formula clearly shows why “becoming a better person” is NOT ENOUGH – it doesn’t guarantee success, and it isn’t even necessary.

In fact, spending TENS OF YEARS trying to build a successful business is not necessary, even if it’s the shocking NORM out there.

And yes, there are many people who got lucky enough to make the formula work once for them (even without knowing) and then … they spend their rest of their lives bragging about that one “huge success” as if it happened to them every minute…

… but because they don’t UNDERSTAND the formula (they just got lucky), they’re too frightened to even ATTEMPT another business, because it could mean a failure negating their “Midas touch”.

Ok, what’s the formula?

Well, I could spend time writing explaining it, describing, giving examples, advice, answering thousands of follow-up questions, emails, etc …

… but I’d rather spend my time on something even more GROUNDBREAKING:

I’m teaching computers to UNDERSTAND the formula … and execute it.

(Or at least to as much of the work they can do)

If you realize the SIGNIFICANCE of that statement, you’ll realize that’s as close to having a legal “money making machine” as you can get.

(And that’s precisely what I mean by having a “business systems lab”.)

And until the project is ready, many entrepreneurs will be struggling continuously and failing miserably for YEARS …

… which is why I believe the sooner others can benefit from plugging their ideas or businesses into a machine that “takes care of the heavy lifting” (and cutting the costs of success by years of hard work) …

… the sooner the world will be a better place.

But … if you believe YOUR ideas or projects will have an even greater impact – and as a smart business owner you’re willing to take responsibility for being either right or wrong …

… feel free to contact me.

Cezary Baginski